Let's capture the confidence so you can inspire others to love themselves too!

The objective of this campaign is to help women across Melbourne let go of comparisons, to stop striving for 'perfection' and to help us capture the confidence of everyone!

We want to eradicate the idea that we that we need to be a certain way to be happy,  look a certain way to be loved and show you that it's not just supermodels that belong in front of a camera!

We only have a limited number of sessions valued at $650.00 to give to a selected number of deserving individuals!

You do not need to have any prior 'modelling experience' to apply for this campaign.

It doesn't matter your age, size, height, gender or background... we want to hear from you! 

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"Confidence isn't about thinking you are better than everyone else...
It is about not having to compare yourself to anyone at all."

Tell me more...

We get it, sometimes we don't feel confident... It may be that we have not had a chance to focus on ourselves (#MumLife), that we're comparing ourselves to those Instagram models, maybe going through a break-up, a big life change or that we're just generally feeling a bit 'blah'.

We want to stop the 'I just need to lose a few kilos' or the 'i hate photos of myself' excuse and encourage women to have the confidence to love & celebrate themselves exactly how they are!

If chosen, applicants will receive the full Studio Glamour experience (valued at $695.00) which includes:

Hair and Makeup - to accentuate your gorgeous-ness

Pre-shoot consultation - We will get to know about your passions, hobbies and anything else that makes you unique to ensure your session is completely tailored for you!

• Studio Photography Session - This is where the magic happens! Our Photographers will guide you, pose you and make you feel 100% comfortable (and confident) throughout your session

• Design consultation - Our creative team will design your show and help create the perfect collection for you!

• 1 x High Resolution Digital Image of your choice (RRP. $250.00)

$100 Credit 

Who can apply?

You are eligible if...

  • You are over the age of 18
  • You are available for your photographic session in October/November 2019
  • You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and have some fun!

Please note: We are a completely non-discriminatory, trans-inclusive Studio and we would love to hear from everyone. Your individuality is what inspires us everyday!

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