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Terms & Conditions - Studio Glamour

terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Studio Glamour use a variety of professional hair and makeup products that are dermatologically tested, however it is the Client's responsibility to notify their Hair & Make-up Artist of any allergies or previous reactions upon arrival at Studio Glamour. While care is taken to use high quality products Studio Glamour accepts no liability if a reaction does occur.
  2. The session fees and vouchers for all Studio Glamour experiences are non-refundable. The experience can be transferred to a person of the clients choosing at no additional cost by contacting Studio Glamour. Gift vouchers and purchased sessions must be booked in before the expiry date to be valid. Only Studio Glamour management reserve the right to extend the expiry date at their discretion. All gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash. Gift vouchers that are won as competition prizes are not to be resold.
  3. Studio Glamour requires 48 hours notice for rescheduling sessions & design appointments. Failure to comply with this notice period may incur additional fees. Weekend and evening sessions will only be offered at Studio Glamour's discretion after multiple cancellations.
  4. The copyright of all images remains with Studio Glamour. The right to use these images for commercial purposes or reproduce them will only be signed over to the Client when the copyright has been included in the purchase price of the order.
  5. Client satisfaction is important to Studio Glamour, therefore if the Client is not completely satisfied with the images produced during the shoot the client can ask Studio Glamour for 1 re-shoot at no charge.
  6. Studio Glamour reserves the right to use their discretion with the level of retouching performed to ensure it is of the highest quality standard. Specific retouching is to be requested by the Client on the order form. Any new retouching requests made after the order is produced will incur an additional fee to be paid by the client. However, if the Client is not completely satisfied with the specified retouching of the images, the Client can ask Studio Glamour for 1 re-edit at no charge for the same retouching requests.
  7. It can take between 4-8 weeks for final images/ artwork to be produced depending on the product(s) purchased. During busy times of the year this time frame may be extended and we will endeavor to contact clients if the artwork is delayed.
  8. Studio Glamour endeavor to keep a back up of purchased images in our archives, however Studio Glamour accept no liability for lost or damaged files due to technology failures or otherwise. All images shown to the Client, but not purchased are removed from our server after the order is collected due to limited server space.
  9. The Client agrees to pay the full balance owing on the invoice to Studio Glamour, and acknowledges that balances are to be paid in full before any part of the order will be released to the Client. Alterations to the amount and/or frequency of a payment plan is at the discretion of Studio Glamour management.
  10. Studio Glamour's Take Home Layby option is operated by an independently owned 3rd party finance company (Certegy EzyPay). The full deposit is to be paid directly to Studio Glamour and the remaining balance to Certegy. Therefore Studio Glamour is unable to assist clients with queries regarding their Take-Home Layby payments after placing the order.
  11. The Client acknowledges that this is a unique, custom made order, and therefore non-refundable regardless of the payment method. Studio Glamour strictly do not permit any alterations, exchanges, cancellations or refunds to the order after it is placed.
  12. Studio Glamour does not post purchased Artwork, due to risk of damage. All Artwork must be collected from Studio Glamour within 4 weeks of receiving your call to collect.Demirkol Pty Ltd. trading as Studio Glamour. ABN 12144613990